Dolly Parton and Octavia Butler

Breaking news: Dolly Parton likes Octavia Butler! In her recent interview with the New York Times, when asked about her favorite book she responded: “Not enough folks know what a great book ‘Kindred,’ by Octavia E. Butler, is. It’s kind of tricky to describe but somehow it all works — it’s about race relations and … Continue reading “Dolly Parton and Octavia Butler”

The Clunky Side of DIGHT

As I read Morgan’s post, I couldn’t help but think about how often I have struggled with mundane technologies. I work at Special Collections and a good majority of my work since the pandemic hit has been to scan copy orders for patrons on the Bookeye Machine. Now, this may sound fancy but it is […]

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Staring at a Printer

^ This is a caption happily provided to me by Adobe stock images. The other day, I can’t say I felt too far off from this irritated mature businessman. I mounted the bus to campus with one objective in mind. Professor Croxall’s instructions didn’t seem too complicated, so I figured I’d have no problem getting my 190 pages of Octavia […]

The Book of Martha

Hilariously while I was reading this story, I couldn’t stop thinking about both The Good Place and a new show called Superintelligence. I think this speaks to how forward-thinking Bulter was for her time. Instead of buying into the omnipotent superior being trope, she instead questions it and tries to add her own ideas. These shows do the same. The […]

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Dream State

This story has been my favorite by far of all the stories we have read. I find it fascinating that Martha started off believing she was in a dream herself. Her solution to having a happier life and a more peaceful world is by having fulfilling dreams. This story almost seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy, other than the fact Martha […]

A Sad View of Humanity

After reading Amnesty and The Book of Martha I started wondering how Octavia Butler really sees humanity. I totally understand that many writers take upon themselves a mission of “revealing humanity for what it truly is” or examining what it means to be human to the fundamental core. However, at what point does this just become cynicism? I’m definitely not […]