Introduction to Digital Humanities

DigHT 215, BYU, Fall 2022

Destruction or Creation?

When first assigned the project “How to NOT Read Vonnegut,” it seemed quite destructive and odd. I mean, I feel like if any humanities major […]

The Pursuit of “Happiness”

I’m not entirely sure what new ideas I could apply to Adam by Kurt Vonnegut, but I do know that the story beautifully expressed certain ideas that I’ve held for a while. My late great-grandmother Johanna had escaped the Holocaust when she was younger, being part of a small number of Jewish refugees who stealthily slipped into Portugal and Spain

Mortality and Immortality

Reading Time: 2 minutes I really enjoyed using my imagination to picture the worlds that Vonnegut described in “Unready to Wear” and “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” Besides realizing […]

being human

As was expressed by many in class on Tuesday, I have found Vonnegut’s writing extremely enjoyable to read. He is an excellent storyteller, and this set of short stories made me feel the same as the last. As I was reading these, all I could think of was how each of Vonnegut’s stories offer up […]

Death: It’s Inevitable.

​​In Vonnegut’s short story “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow,” he presents us with the concept of indefinite lifespans. Everyone on Earth has been taking a […]

Beware of brain waves that change the world

Though clearly science fiction, Vonnegut’s story about the Barnhouse effect brought to mind strange phenomena that really exist in our world and their consequences on the way we live. For example, I recently read an article about brain-to-brain interfaces that allow individuals to communicate without saying anything, without even having to see each other. TheContinue reading “Beware of brain waves that change the world”