Introduction to Digital Humanities

DigHT 215, BYU, Fall 2022

My Literary Enemy

My literary enemy is the -ly adverb. A popular writing lesson exercised by the English teachers I had growing up included a worksheet full of -ly adverbs. A chart with an adverb, the meaning, and an example was meant to show us how to use more adverbs in our writing. Instead of saying, “I don’t … Continue reading “My Literary Enemy”

SHTEM (the H is silent)

“The use of technology allows digital humanists to work outside and even beyond traditional methods of study, opening up a variety of new questions that still yield insight into some of the discipline’s oldest and most foundational questions” I recently read an article for a Linguistics class about a murder trial. A woman had “run […]

Does an adverb matter?

As I was reading today’s chapters, something that stuck out to me was the idea that one can predict “great” writing by tracking the parts of speech used. It bothers […]