Like a Geyser, Our Steampunk Journal Issue Gushes Forth

I’m very pleased to announce that after more than two and a half years of work (i.e., more time than my daughter has been alive), the special issue of Neo-Victorian Studies on steampunk that I co-edited with my great friend Rachel Bowser (who is frustratingly not present online). We’re exceptionally proud of the articles that came out of this endeavor and are grateful for the authors who worked so hard on meeting deadlines and on going through revisions. We are also grateful for the NVS editorial board and General and Founding Editor Marie-Luise Kohlke in particular.

Since I know you’ll be reading the whole thing, here’s merely the Table of Contents to whet your appetite as the above link loads:

Special Issue: Steampunk, Science, and (Neo)Victorian Technologies
Guest edited by Rachel A. Bowser and Brian Croxall

Introduction: Industrial Evolution
Rachel A. Bowser and Brian Croxall

Clacking Control Societies: Steampunk, History, and the Difference Engine of Escape
Patrick Jagoda

Technology and Morality: The Stuff of Steampunk
Stefania Forlini

Betrayed by Time: Steampunk & the Neo-Victorian in Alan Moore’s Lost Girls and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Jason B. Jones

Steam Wars
Mike Perschon

Time Machines: Steampunk in Contemporary Art
Caroline Cason Barratt

Democratising the Past to Improve the Future: An Interview with Steampunk Godfather Paul Di Filippo
Lisa Yaszek

The Steam Arm’: Proto-Steampunk Themes in a Victorian Popular Song
Kirstie Blair


“God Save the Queen, for Someone Must!”: Sebastian O and the Steampunk Aesthetic
Joseph Good


The Rocky Terrain of British Novel Adaptations: Review of Dianne F. Sadoff, Victorian Vogue: British Novels on Screen
Thomas Witholt

Re-Imagined Memory: Review of Kate Mitchell, History and Cultural Memory in Neo-Victorian Fiction: Victorian Afterimages
Marie-Luise Kohlke

On (Neo-Victorian) Re-Visions and Foldings: Review of Rachel Carroll (ed.), Adaptation in Contemporary Culture: Textual Infidelities
Rosario Arias

Steampunk Show Time: Review of Robert Rankin’s The Japanese Devil Fish Girl and Other Unnatural Attractions: A Novel
Marie-Luise Kohlke