Do You Teach DH? Please Take Our Survey!

Diane Jakacki and I are excited to announce the launch of a research study: “Who Teaches When We Teach Digital Humanities?” With this study, we hope to learn more about 

  1. the training and preparation of those who teach digital humanities
  2. the for-credit and informal teaching that DH teachers do

“I teach DH!” you say. “How can I participate in this study??” We’re glad (really glad) you asked. You can participate by taking our short survey

“But wait,” you say. “You both work at universities in the United States. I teach in [fill in any place on Earth]. Do you still want me to participate?” Absolutely. We hope to have as much global participation as possible. Wherever you teach, in whatever capacity you teach, please take the survey.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes for you to complete. Your participation in the survey will be anonymous; to this end, we have ensured that our survey instrument will not record your IP address. You will not, we are afraid, be compensated for your participation in the study. 

This study grew out of our work on Debates in Digital Humanities Pedagogy and we look forward to publishing some of what we learn in that venue, as well as in conference presentations. 

The survey will be open until 1 September 2019. Please take it soon, and please share this announcement with any and all you think may be interested.