Guest Post: Pick 13 at MLA 2011

The following is a guest post from MLA Executive Director, Rosemary Feal. Rosemary asked on Twitter yesterday if anyone would be willing to post a short guest post from her on his or her blog. I volunteered, and the rest is history. If you want to play along, you can find the 2011 MLA Convention program here [PDF]. –BC

It’s easy to cherry-pick 13 sessions for the purpose of finding plays on words, references to popular culture, use of specialized vocabulary, or titles that, well, just sound alien. Or are about aliens. Zombies, even.

What would happen if I picked 13 sessions entirely at random, I wondered? So I went to and asked it to choose 13 numbers between 1 and 821 (821 was the last session number on the MLA convention program). Here’s what it came up with. Try this at home, kids, and report in!
~ Rosemary G. Feal

466. Teaching Asian American Literatures

7. German in the Life of the University: A View from the Trenches

751. Writing and Curatorship: The History of the Book

249. Career Options in Translation for Language Students

67. Modernist Transnationalism and Japanese Noh: (Mis)Translating Culture in Yeats, Pound, Konishi

345. Psychoanalysis and Love

711. Literature before the Social Sciences

449. Where Are We Now? Ecocriticism and Narrative Scholarship

31. In and out of the Archive: Biography, Autobiography, and Constructing the “Self”

457. African American Literature on the Pacific Rim

115. Sephardic Resurgence!

37. Teaching the Senior Seminar

637. Narrating Lives from East to West (1400–1700)

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Pick 13 at MLA 2011

  1. My random 13 (and mostly what I’m struck by is how the numbers don’t seem random enough–a sure sign of randomness!):

    435: Queer City Limits: Expanding Perspectives on Class and Region in LGBTQ Studies

    762: So Close and Yet So Far: Close Reading and Sociology

    569: Cognition, Culture, and History

    698: Women’s Life Writing: Gender, Genre, Authorship

    742: Lives across Borders (1400-1700): Mobility and Narrative

    605: Anthropology and Objects

    93: The Transnational and the Translingual

    681: Writing Human Rights: Asian American Contexts

    691: Our Distinctions and Our Associations, What We Can Do Together

    807: Los Angeles: LIteratures of a Multiethnic Metropolis

    68: Silence and Signification in Medieval and Renaissance Literatures: Formal Challenges

    342: The Spanish Commedia Rewrites the Hebrew Bible

    570: Current Research in Sixteenth-Century French Literary Study

  2. Finally grabbed some time to run my own set. They’re in numerical order because I used the Random Integer Set Generator. They are still random.

    35. Language in Social Networks

    38. Narrating Tortured Lives in East Asia

    57. Boccaccio

    87. California Currents

    139. Prosody in the Poetry of Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams

    170. Impact of the National Language Standards on K–16 Programs

    204. Deprofessionalized?

    281. Gendered Evidence: Ethics and Human Rights

    355. Land and Landscape in Anglo-Saxon England

    461. Disabling Race: Comparative Ethnic Approaches

    605. Anthropology and Objects

    653. Technology and Present-Day English

    803. T. S. Eliot and Violence

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